Hi 👋🏼 - I'm Raki Rahman

I'm a Data & AI Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft - currently based out of Toronto, Canada.

After graduating with Honours Distinction from University of Toronto's rigorous EngSci program as an Aerospace Engineer, I've worked at leading Technology Consulting firms in driving Azure Cloud Transformations across some of the largest Enterprise Clients in North America.

Why Data?

I've been working with Computers for as long as I can remember.

Since I was 5 years old, I grew up building and fixing computers as a hobby. As I learned to code, this hobby developed into a deep, self-taught expertise of how computer hardware interacts with the hypervisor layer to solve real-life problems. Coupled with the practically infinite computing power of the Cloud for processing Big Data, I realized the frontier of growth in this field is endless. Applied correctly, we have the opportunity here to completely shape the world for the better.

Plus I get to build a pretty entertaining career out of it too 😄.

Why make this blog?

Nothing gives me more joy than taking a seemingly "difficult" concept or problem and breaking it down to form a simple, elegant solution.

I immensely enjoyed writing a few technical blog posts on LinkedIn, before quickly realizing the platform is pretty limiting as far as how creative you can get with presenting your content. I briefly tried WordPress too, and found the engine to be way too clunky (and expensive to host).

To follow the pros: I decided to learn the Javascript framework - primarily React, and GraphQL - and make this blog as a fun side project.

So basically, this blog is a channel for me to keep my coding skills from getting rusty, while also giving back to the Data community!

Get in touch 👋

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to open an issue on GitHub!

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